Setsons.in is a leading online sports goods and fitness store in India. We are proudly associated with M/S Sethi & Sons (Agra) who have been enabling sporting since 1932

We had our humble beginnings as a small hockey manufacturing unit in Sialkot (part of British India) in the year 1925. Then, our establishment moved to our current place in Agra in the year 1932 and it was then that we started catering to other sports as well as military supplies for various sports and associated reward articles.

Through our 90 years of journey in the domain of sports and fitness, we have always focused on delivering quality and branded products to our customers and hold a strong goodwill amongst our clientele (including individuals across generations and institutions such as schools, colleges, etc.) and our suppliers. We are known for our genuinity and wide range of product offerings, which makes us the preferred sports store for sports enthusiasts in the region and nearby districts.

Through Setsons.in, our aim is to reach sports enthusiasts in every nook and corner of the country and promote the spirit of "Sporting" while supplying sports goods and equipment at very reasonable prices.

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