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Wilson Championship Tennis Balls (Pack of 1 Can)

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Wilson Championship Tennis Balls (Pack of 1 Can)


Packaging 1 CAN (3 Balls)
Ball Type Pressurized
Color Yellow
Material Optivis felt
Manufacturer WILSON
Country of Origin Thailand


Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Description:

The Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is  the most versatile tennis ball created for any player, for any surface, and for any time play. These tennis balls feature exclusive Dura-Weave felt which holds even at high altitude and provides amazing durability. These tennis balls are tested and approved by the ITF. A versatile ball that performs well for any player at any time. Exclusive wool felt blend that allows for real durability enhancements. Last, the core compound allows for great playability and consistency.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Technology:

  • Dura-Weave felt lends long-lasting durability.
  • Extra Duty: Ideal performance on hard, abrasive courts.
  • High Altitude: Ideal performance on surfaces above 3,000 ft.