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Invincible Limited Edition Combat Gloves Black Tiger

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Invincible Limited Edition Combat Gloves Black Tiger

  • The padding of the boxing glove is made of 1 ½” thick sandwich foams with high density latex, EVA and PE foam. Due to this the thick cushion of the fist part greatly reduces the effect of the shock, absorbs the shock firmly, and you can feel the response firmly.
  • It is recommended for intermediate to Professional training level. Protect your fists properly. Since it does not easily lose its shape, it can be used for a longer period of time.
  • Boxing gloves are made of premium engineered leather that can withstand abrasion, and are resistant to tearing and have a full-fledged finish that can withstand violent movements and friction.
  • The palm of the boxing glove has ventilation hole for excellent breathability. The ventilation holes drain the moisture of sweat and it dries quickly. It reduces stuffiness and supports long-time driving and sparring burden. You can train comfortably even in the hot summer!
  • Note : These gloves may fit a size smaller but after some usage they will break-in. if you like loose fit please order one size bigger.

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