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NIVIA Shining Star Football

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NIVIA Shining Star Football
  • Stitched
  • 32 Panel
  • Rubberized top Layer
  • Rubber Bonded Fabric Laminated Mid Layer
  • Latex Bladder Core
  • Ideal for Hard and Rough Surfaces
  • Match ball.
  • Proudly Made in India

Nivia Shining Star is designed to give you the perfect bounce and a predictable trajectory through air, the Nivia Shining Star Football feels soft and reduces the hard impact on your feet and head. All the 32 panels are hand stitched together so it gets a perfectly round shape and is very durable and strong. The outer material is made from Rubber that gives it excellent quality and bounce. Latex bladder inside for a lively bounce, optimal roundness. This is an international Match ball. Suitable for Hard Ground without Grass, Wet & Grassy Ground & Artificial Turf. Proudly Made in India.