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Dunlop Australia Open Tennis Balls (Pack of 1 Can)

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Dunlop Australia Open Tennis Balls (Pack of 1 Can)

Packaging 1 CANS (3 Balls)
Ball Type Pressurized
Color Yellow
Material HD Pro Cloth


DUNLOP Australia Open Tennis Ball Description:

The First Slam of the year, the 2019 Australian Open, opens with DUNLOP as its new ball support! This new tennis ball includes a HD Core, which is a remastered form of the exemplary DUNLOP Forte Core that is intended to play much more reliably and with more prominent toughness. DUNLOP has additionally added HD Pro Cloth to this ball, a top notch felt built for the largest amount of play. Players of all levels searching for the highest quality ball will be satisfied with this new offering from DUNLOP.

DUNLOP Australia Open Tennis Ball Features:

  • Composition : Rubber, Cloth Ultra-Durable all courts balls
  • ITF Approved
  • Australian Open logo printed on each ball
  • Material: Rubber
  • Obsessively crafted
  • Meticulously Engineered