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Invincible Amateur Kids Training Gloves (BLUE)

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Invincible Amateur Kids Training Gloves (BLUE)

  • Invincible boxing gloves feature Moulded foam technology, that is far too effective than the layered-foam conventional boxing gloves, this certain technology seeks to provide eventual protection and sturdiness. It assists in natural alignment when striking. Thus moulded curve potentially dispenses force across the fist while maintaining stable wrist, letting the internal padding subdue shock-impact.
  • Synthetic leather construction makes our boxing gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting. Our Irrepressible manufacturing methods permit this product to showcase superior performance.
  • These boxing gloves are armed with extra-long band that offers superior wrist-support and a comfortable fit. Regulating strap provides fine wrist sustenance. The snug fitting assures that your most trusted partner won’t slip when you opt for hard hitting.
  • Invincible gloves stands undisputed victor of the all-inclusive, training and working out. Construction material is resistant to cracks, tear or splits.
  • Invincible boxing gloves provide extra-thick padding that guards your hands in hooks & jabs. Knuckles are equipped with distinct padded mass that cover fist and attached thumb.

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